Carnicas Cinco Villas Sau is located in Spain and is part of the Meat Product Manufacturing Industry. At Carnicas Cinco Villas Sau, beef slaughtering, deboning, cutting, processing and beef export remain our core business producing a wide range of quality products for our customers worldwide. Our plant located in Pilar – Buenos Aires is one of the most modern cattle slaughtering facilities in Europe. Over the years, we have been expanding and improving our plants and will continue to do so in the future.

We are leaders of the meat processing industry of the region in a narrower sense and of Spain in a broader sense. Achievement of our goal is best shown by the fact that we have become the slaughterhouse with the largest capacity in Spain and several international control organizations (e.g. BRC, HALAL, SAI GLOBAL) have recognized our activities of high quality in their certificates. The license number of our slaughterhouse is 4195714, which enables the identification and controlling of our plant.

Strengths of the slaughterhouse lie within our experienced employees, their previous expertise in this field and the outstanding equipment of the meat plant. In addition, we take great care to complying with the requirements of animal health and of hygiene. There is an official, independent cattle rating point in our plant. Our capabilities include vacuum packing, thermoform packaging and skin packing.


Our Mission –

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer to our worldwide customers the most natural, healthy and tasty beef and pork meat at industrial level by using the latest technology and under the more strict health certifications.

Our Vision –

Our Vision

Achieve a leadership and a key position in the frozen beef and pork meat supply in Europe, adapting our production lines to the market needs.

Our Values –

Our Values

Food Security –

Food Security

Our company is monitoring the traceability according to the current legislation. Through the products codification our informatics system supervises and identifies the origin, slaughterhouse, boning company and the final destination accorded with our customer.
Since we moved all our installations to our new plant our quality team has been working really hard in achieving the most strict meat quality system of our days. We are certified by the BRC and IFS.