pork head for sale near me. We offer a comprehensive list of reliable frozen pork suppliers and brand names as a Spanish wholesale frozen meat producer and exporter.

The main export destinations for fresh and frozen pork joint include China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and the globe. because more people are using the product. Because most of our local suppliers of pork head for sale operate out of production facilities that are HACCP-certified

Frequently with BRC accreditation. In the wholesale, retail, restaurant, and industry sectors of the food supply chain, we offer goods and services to our importers.

Packaging sizes can be altered for wholesale and retail usage to meet customer needs.


– No broken bones –


Well-maintained and brand-new.

There should be no bruising,

black pads, ammonia burns, offensive odors, excessive blood, or blood stains. The amount of moisture in the material is less than 3%.

The front feet are about 17 to 18 cm long.
A front foot typically weighs between 300 and 350 grams.
The length of the hind foot is typically 19–20 cm per piece.
The hind foot typically weighs 400–450 g.

Pork collar
Pork chops
Grade A Pork carcass
Good Pork loin
Pork riblet
Pork shoulder
Supplier of Pork shoulder ham
Frozen Pork spareribs
Pig leg
Fresh Pork belly
Golden Pork head
Pork front feet
Clean Pork hind feet
Pork offals
Europe Pork bacon wholesaler
Pork sausages
Frozen pig gammon
Pork cooked ham
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